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By Gabriela E. Stone

The girl in the mirror that hangs on the wall
Looks at me with daydreaming eyes,
She is all by herself, and so am I
If I could only move to the other side.
The girl in the mirror that hangs on the wall,
Sits with her plastic friends on a carpet,
but she is all alone,
A fly walks on the window glass - feels like it doesn't belong
If I could only move there with them, and play along
It's very quiet out there and disturbingly calm
Reflected reality or mirage for a dumb?
But there is no one to yell, reproach, rebuke or comment.
Only the plan in my mind starts to cement
As we look at each other with eyes opened wide,
How can I move to the other side…

All rights reserved to Gabriela E. Stone ©

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Gabriela E. Stone עקוב אחר Gabriela
שמור פוסט
ספרים מאת Gabriela E. Stone Gabriela E. Stone
The key to the ivory tower הקדמה
איש לא ידע מדוע פרצה שריפה באישון לילה בבית אחוזתו של ד"ר ג׳ון אקטון, אחד הרופאים המפורסמים של העיר דובר באנגליה באותה תקופה. האש שפשטה במהרה השמידה את רוב תכולת הבית וגבתה את חייהם של הרופא ואישתו. קטרין אקטון ביתם הקטנה בת השש, הייתה הניצולה היחידה מהתופת. היא אומצה על ידי דודתה, אחות אביה וגדלה באחוזתה שעל הרי האלפים הצרפתים.
21 שנים מאוחר יותר, קטרין זוכה לרשת את אחוזת הוריה, למרות היותה אישה, עקב היותה השריד היחיד לבית המשפחה.
מצויידת בצרור מפתחות לא מבוטל, וחוסר ניסיון חיים, היא חוזרת לאחוזת הוריה ומתחילה לנהל חיים עצמאיים. אולם, רוחות העבר לא שקטות והגורל חוזר לגבות חובות ישנים שכמעט נשכחו מאחור.
זהו רומן היסטורי אירוטי סוחף שיוביל את הקורא אל מחוזות אנגליה של המאה ה-19. התיאורים הציוריים יסחפו את הקורא אל מסע מהאלפים שבצרפת אל העיר דובר באנגליה ומשם לעיירה לאס בסקוטלנד.
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קריאה נעימה.
B Summary
Catherine Acton was born in Dover, England in 1873. She was only six years old when she lost her parents in a fire. Despite the fact that she could not remember anything else from that day, she could clearly remember her parents. Her mother, Lady Adele Acton, was a woman of valour. She was often left in charge to maintain the upkeep of the manor, whilst her husband was away. Although Adele had a delicate appearance, blue eyes, golden wavy hair and porcelain milky skin, she was assertive enough to handle and supervise the staff. She always treated everyone with respect and therefore, everyone respected her in return. Catherine’s father, John Acton, was a well-known doctor, who spent his entire days away from home. Never the less, he always made sure to be back in time to read Catherine a bedtime story. Catherine could still remember enjoying the changing expressions on his face, while he was reading to her. His brown eyes fluttered between the written lines on the page and her smiling face until she fell asleep. Sometimes, she could almost feel his soft kiss on her forehead and, his voice whispering "good night Catherine. ”
After the unfortunate event, her aunt Victoria, her father's elder, unmarried sister, who lived in France, adopted the child. Despite the kinship, they were very different from each other, not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. Aunt Victoria had raven black hair that was always gathered and tightened up with a pin. Her skin was pale, and she had black piercing eyes. Her facial expression was always one of bitterness and criticisms. However, sometimes a 'near half smile' appeared on her face whenever Catherine performed one of her childish mischiefs.
The first days at her aunt’s manor seemed to Catherine like the worse days of her life. The blue-eyed girl with the dark, wavy hair spent a lot of time crying and missing her parents. She took solace from the great view and the nature that surrounded the manor, Chateau de L'épervier, (The Castle of the Hawk). The manor was situated on the top of the French Alps, and it took its name from the regal birds that nested on the mountain’s peaks.
Catherine never received any support or affection from Aunt Victoria, neither a hug nor a kiss, and hardly any comforting words. However, she received her first steed and riding lessons to help her deal with the grief. After a year or two, the pain gradually reduced and Catherine learned to accept death as part of life.
On her 21st birthday, Catherine was called to the guest room. Victoria was seated there next to solicitor Lamont, one of her old acquaintances from Dover who visited them from time to time. "Have a seat child, ” Victoria ordered, giving Catherine a cold, withering glance. Catherine sat obediently in front of the two sour faces and waited for their utterance. Solicitor Henry Lamont informed Catherine about her father's last will. Since she was the only member of the family, except her aunt, she was unconditionally able to inherit his wealth by the age of 21, despite the fact she was a woman. Lamont piled some documents on the small tea- table. There were some forms for her to fill in and sign, in order to execute the will. Under his instruction and with her aunt's consent, Catherine became an independent woman and a landowner.
Receiving a set of keys to the old Manor, made Catherine determined to start her new life as an independent woman. She finished packing her belongings, said her goodbyes to France and her aunt, and returned to England.
The Key to the Ivory Tower is a stylish, sweeping and erotic periodic- novel that tells the story of Catherine Acton.
Catherine is the only survivor of a noble family after a mysterious fire broke out in the mansion in the middle of the night claimed the lives of her parents.
Fifteen years later, Catherine returns to the estate where she finds love and discovers her femininity. However, the ghosts of the past return to settle scores long thought forgotten.
This novel will take you on a page-turning story in a fascinating environment of the 19th century. From France to England with a taste of Scotland, you will discover since then that not much has changed.
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מלך מזג האוויר- The Weather King The weather king הוא ספר בין 39 עמודים המתאר את מאפייני וחילופי עונות השנה. הספר נכתב בחרוזים ואוייר בציורי אקוורל קסומים על ידי Gabriela E. Stone. הוא מצוי באנגלית בלבד.
The weather king- is a book that tells of the changing seasons with rhyming lines and lovely water paintings. Written and illustrated by Gabriela E. Stone
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